Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year! hello 2011

hello 2011...

welcoming 2011, thank you so much damn 2010 for all of those things..

thank you guys ,all of you, that spend new year eve with me at Citos!
and spend day 1 in this year! haha
yayaya i know that was terrible ! but ha ha i got a lot of fun with you guys!
no please no more GPS!!!
play with bubble gum! make a gum!
play timezone and HELL-o  masbro timezone! yg gangguin orang main ! but WE GOT the doll! HA HA !! envy?ilok? !

pokoknya enjoy this time with you guys! thanks and Im sorry about the "accident"

once again..
HELLO 2011 , BE NICE !

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