Friday, 31 December 2010

Thursday, 30 December 2010

this life

BLANK PAPER + PEN + PENCIL + maybe ERASER = its about LIFE!

blank paper its like tomorrow
pen & pencil its like how we run ' the story '
eraser its like how you know about your mistakes and you want repair that

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

need or want this?

i dont know why ..
i want a bear hug
that keep me warm,
keep me safe
keep me comfort
keep me to stay all day long

keep this, forever

You know what girls,  

no matter about the distance , how far it is, how you forget all those memory that we’ve been together ,how you get your new friends ,how you run your own new life and anything that you’ve done.. 

I just believe that we know each other, so close and we’ll never lose that, also our friendship. Honestly, for every single day , I miss You all, I miss the old of us.. 
i wish you all here.. 

but thanks to Allah , 
I’ve got you all in my life , you’ve made my life being so wonderful.. remember girls, that we will never be separate..

I heart you, yes you my CREDENZA..  
together we'll stand.. 
just keep holding on with our friendship , cre. 

With a bunch of love,kisses&hug 

Dina nofijar

Thursday, 16 December 2010


gambar ini dibuat waktu kemarin cabut kelas pancasila eh tau tau  nya dosennya jga ikutan ga masuk, baik banget sih pak! jadinya ga nyesel ga masuk deh hahaha 

my owl :)

kenapa mesti owl ?
waktu ke taman safari ngeliat boneka nya di gift shop itu lucu banget & akhirnya suka sampe sekarang. walaupun kalo ngeliat yg aslinya agak takut.. hehe 

sondre lerche - two way monologue

All the other options that you had in mind starve me
`Cause I'm optionless and turkey-free and blind

Won't you listen and I'll let you in on this
Blind me!
Won't you listen I'll reduce advice to dust
Oh no!
I shouldn't have to spell my name

If it's worth the made up smiles, the quiet fights
Oh mother!
It is hard not to look in the mirror's eye
I have come to this while you have come along
So it's alright if you change your mind
the other way around again
I shouldn't have to spell my name

So start the two way monologues that speak your mind
We're talking two way monologues with words that rhyme

can't reclaim the shirts we threw away last twirl
Uncurl the note-in-pocket, personal brochures that dust
Machine-washed, that's how paper rusts

Days you spend wanting some of Michael Landon's grace
strike back, now they shape your life as stony as his face
Oh no! I shouldn't have to spell his name

So start the two way monologues that speak your mind
Start the two way monologues with words that rhyme
Start the two way monologues that speak your mind
We're talking two way monologues

We were chasing rabbits on the hill
And that prairie-life was great, but never real
`Cause we never saw no rabbits out
there, ever, no, not once
All we did was put a fire up and watch it burn for months
And I miss the sound of stairs and
walls and maladjusted doors
and too little space for holding all
the soldiers and the war

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

hey my new life !

haihellohallo !
nice to meet you again my blog :)

let me introduce my "new life"...

hello there Im 18th years old now..
new life at trisakti.. new to know about DKV.. new to know about my real life.. new to know about thinking my future..
but I getting so hard to run this life so much.. more than my senior-high-school-life-time.. goshh....

every single day I had homework to do .. this is so easy to say "oke I can do it" but in fact .... Im tired of my "new life" :'(....

but I know, I can pass this situation..

enghh okey skip this part..

let me introduce you my best partner ! I have five best partner ...
momo,armel,boyke,jaro&hadli.. they fill this "new life" with a lot of fun anyway..

hmm oke about this "new life"
i try so hard to find my way.. but until now i can't find anything ..
i try to run this new life..

that's all for now.. i will tell you about my new life (again) next time

wish me luck :)