Tuesday, 28 December 2010

keep this, forever

You know what girls,  

no matter about the distance , how far it is, how you forget all those memory that we’ve been together ,how you get your new friends ,how you run your own new life and anything that you’ve done.. 

I just believe that we know each other, so close and we’ll never lose that, also our friendship. Honestly, for every single day , I miss You all, I miss the old of us.. 
i wish you all here.. 

but thanks to Allah , 
I’ve got you all in my life , you’ve made my life being so wonderful.. remember girls, that we will never be separate..

I heart you, yes you my CREDENZA..  
together we'll stand.. 
just keep holding on with our friendship , cre. 

With a bunch of love,kisses&hug 

Dina nofijar

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