Tuesday, 7 December 2010

hey my new life !

haihellohallo !
nice to meet you again my blog :)

let me introduce my "new life"...

hello there Im 18th years old now..
new life at trisakti.. new to know about DKV.. new to know about my real life.. new to know about thinking my future..
but I getting so hard to run this life so much.. more than my senior-high-school-life-time.. goshh....

every single day I had homework to do .. this is so easy to say "oke I can do it" but in fact .... Im tired of my "new life" :'(....

but I know, I can pass this situation..

enghh okey skip this part..

let me introduce you my best partner ! I have five best partner ...
momo,armel,boyke,jaro&hadli.. they fill this "new life" with a lot of fun anyway..

hmm oke about this "new life"
i try so hard to find my way.. but until now i can't find anything ..
i try to run this new life..

that's all for now.. i will tell you about my new life (again) next time

wish me luck :)

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